Hanging The Stars

Red white and blue have a deep rooted meaning for us in our lives especially on Independence Day. You can’t say it out loud without feeling an emotional response: Red white and blue, the metaphor and meaning, the pigment and the paint. The colors are from stardust and so are we. 


I’ve always found a deeper meaning in the stars, an abstract quality. The stars are a metaphor of the heavens, and the divinity of man to reach a higher plane of existence. We look to the stars for inspiration and connection. No matter where you are on the planet, you can look to the stars for guidance. We steer our ships and navigate by them. Wise men with a little faith have followed starlight through wondrous places to discover a king and forever change the world. I think it's ok to be a little star stuck, to have faith and courage to forge ahead and follow your heart to look to the unknown and to find guidance where you can. After all it may be as simple and pure and innocent as a child with a piece of paper trying to make the world a better place by hanging the stars.


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