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I’m surrounded by countless possibilities while working in my studio. This unique space allows me to live in the moment with my work. I am literally surrounded by paintings: some completed, some begging to have bits resolved, while others rest until a solution presents itself, all taking on a life of their own. These paintings often end up in a prominent place in the studio though often loosely framed and frequently moved around, some still unsigned or unfinished… It’s like looking at an old cookbook and discovering a new favorite recipe. These paintings are reminders, taking me back to a period when painting together with friends, or testing out new tools, paint, mediums and materials. They are there to remind me to keep it simple, to slow down, and to realize that every mark I make has something to say and every painting creates a new story in my journal. While I sit back and soak in the artistic atmosphere, I begin to envision ideas for future paintings. It’s quite remarkable. 

Lillias 18x24 oil on bonded canvas panel

I have two paintings of Lillias, I wish I had more. She is an inspiration for many who want to live an independent, artistic life. She travels the globe collaborating with other creatives, photographers, film makers, painters and sculptors. I hope you enjoy this painting. 


Lillias Print 13X19  on Hahnemuehle paper 

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